Welcome to the 2018-19 Young Women Leaders Program

If you are a high school girl or a professional woman in the Coachella Valley, you've come to the right place!

The Young Women Leaders (YWL) program started in 2001 under the Women Leaders Forum organization. The goal of the YWL program is to equip our future women leaders with the necessary tools that get them a step ahead of their peers as they enter college and into the professional world. The educational workshops and Ambassador program are essential and invaluable resources we can offer high school girls.

Successful completion of the educational workshops and the Ambassador program not only prepares students for the future; it also establishes eligibility for seniors to apply for scholarships up to $5,000. (financial need-based as decided by our matching partner, OneFuture Coachella Valley) or up to $1,000 in merit-based scholarships. Last year we awarded over $90,000 in scholarships in partner with One Future Coachella Valley to local qualifying students.

The scholarship deadline is March 29, 2019  - you can access the application here.  We recommend that you write and edit your essay responses in a separate program (like Word), then copy/paste into the webpage.  If you have any issues with the application, it is your responsibility to email ywl@wlfdesert.org ASAP.  You must have registered and attended the YWL Workshops to be eligible to apply. Unfortunately, we are unable to award scholarships to all eligible applicants.

If you're a woman, you're a leader. If you believe in developing future leaders, you're a perfect Ambassador! 

What is the role of an Ambassador: Our goal is to introduce young women to professional women that have career experience in their field of interests. Ambassadors may attend the educational programs, participate on career panels, engage in telephonic mentoring or invite student participants to their office for a shadowing experience. This program is about bringing together our amazing WLF members’ experience to help the young women prepare for college, business and life.  The time commitment varies, depending on your availability. 


Step 1: Become a WLF Member (wlfdesert.org) annual fee is $100. If you are already a WLF member, go to Step 2.
Step 2: Apply to become a mentor at www.ywldesert.org.
Step 3: Have fun sharing your experience as an Ambassador!

Proudly sponsored by the Theresa A. Mike Scholarship Foundation

Congratulations on taking the first step toward changing your life or changing the life of a deserving future leader! For questions please contact: 

Breeanna Fujio, Mentee/Participant Liaison

Heather Benedict, Mentor/Ambassador Liaison